Communications Failure Mark II

Last week it was our telephones that were out of order, this week it’s our e-mail!  We apologise if you have e-mailed today and we haven’t responded, but no e-mails are getting through to us.  If your query is urgent please call or message us on Facebook.  Hopefully the e-mail servers will be up and running soon.  (Details below from Crazy Domains webpage.)

Dog Communication
Hopefully we won’t need to revert to the string and cup method of communication!  🙂

From Crazy Domains:

“Email Outage24 May 2017

Some servers are currently experiencing technical faults and a small amount of clients may be unable to access emails.

System engineers are already working hard to correct the issue, and we plan to be back to normal very shortly.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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