Here at Laughing Dog Day Care we aim to give your dogs a day of fun in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

We are located approximately 7km’s south from the city on the service road section of South Road, with rear onsite carpark and rear entry, so you are certain of safety when you are arriving at and leaving Laughing Dog Day Care. Your dog will be escorted to their designated play area, by one of our friendly and fully trained staff members. You will be able to view your dog’s arrival in the play area on our TV viewing screens in the waiting room.

The centre is triple gated to ensure your dogs are secure within the centre.

Our staff is trained to observe your dogs and ensure they are happy and comfortable. If they look like they need a rest from all the play – they can be escorted to the sun lounge where they will have a rest on their choice of sofa’s or dog beds until they are ready to come back for more play.

Before entering Laughing Dog Day Care a Dog’s parents are required to complete a questionnaire regarding their dog’s likes, dislikes and behaviours. We use this along with our own thorough observations of your dog to ensure your dog is together with similar aged and like minded dogs. We carefully screen and work out what your dog wants to be involved in.

Our staff will ensure your dog will be stimulated and will spend their time here interacting with humans and other dogs in a playful and fun manner. The centre is designed with particular concern for your dog’s safety, but also to engage their minds and bodies with the provision of toys and equipment.

We continually monitor your dogs and will keep you up to date with our observations. We understand that all dogs are different and some will be happy spending more time at the centre and some may need a little less, if your dog is not coping with the time they are spending at the centre we will let you know.

Having your dog so engaged during the day, when you can’t be there, prevents the negative behaviours dogs often develop when left alone for long periods. Your dog is much less likely to cause problems at home if they have been engaged mind and body during the day. When you come to pick up your dog they will be ready for a peaceful and relaxing night at home with their family.

Our philosophy at Laughing Dog Day Care is to provide the best possible care for your dog, when you can’t be there for them.