Overnight Care

Here at Laughing Dog Day Care we also offer very limited overnight care. We are able to look after a maximum of one family’s fur babies per night. Your dogs are looked after at our home overnight and on weekends with our family which of course includes Duncan and Delphi the Hungarian Vizslas.

On weekdays we may bring your dogs into day care as appropriate.

While your dogs are on holiday with us, they become part of our family and go on adventures, walks and enjoy other interesting activities.

During their time with us, they are never left alone and have human company 24 hours per day.

We do whatever is needed to keep your pups happy, content and stress free while they are away from you, including sleeping and social arrangements.

It might not be suitable for all dogs as they need to fit in with our lifestyle, family and of course Duncan.

Acceptance of your dog for overnight care is entirely at our discretion.

Whilst your fur baby is in our care, you will receive regular photo updates of your pup direct to your mobile phone. If you are overseas you will receive a daily e-mail.

We ask you to send your dog with:

– their own food as diet changes are not desirable;

– collar, lead and any other item used for walks and adventures;

– any item that may make them feel more comfortable (toys, bedding etc).

The cost for this limited exclusive and comprehensive care is $70 per night per dog (additional costs apply if food is not provided). If you have more than 1 dog or are away for an extended period of time, please talk to us about pricing.