Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog like coming to Laughing Dog Day Care?

Every dog is different, but if your dog enjoys attending the dog park and having fun with other dogs, then this is a good sign your dog will enjoy their time at Laughing Dog Day Care.

How will I know if my dog is enjoying their time at Laughing Dog Day Care?

We will always let you know if we see that your dog is not enjoying their time at Laughing Dog Day Care – but your dog will also let you know with their actions. Dogs should come home tired from day care – but a happy tired, because they’ve had fun! We constantly monitor the dogs to ensure they are not stressed and will remove them from situations that seem to cause them concern. Your dog should enter day care happy and eager to go, if they are hesitant to come in –this can be a sign that they are coming too often – or that day care isn’t right for them.

Is Laughing Dog Day Care a safe place for my dog?

Yes! At Laughing Dog Day Care we pride ourselves on providing a safe and secure facility where your dog is well cared for.

  • The facility is triple gated to prevent any escape artists leaving the facility.
  • We are located on the service road section of South Road and have an onsite rear car park and entry.
  • All staff are trained in animal first aid.
  • The dogs in our care are never left unattended.
  • We have a maximum staff to dog ratio of 1 human to 15 dogs.
  • All staff are trained in animal behaviour.
  • All dogs are assessed for suitability to attend day care.

How much time can my dog spend at Laughing Dog Day Care?

This really depends on the dog. A younger more active dog will enjoy spending more time in day care, whereas an older less active dog may like a little less time. It is the joint responsibility of both us at Laughing Dog Day Care and you as the owner – to take our cues from your dog. They will let us know if they are happy for more or need a little less and we will communicate our observations with you.

Are the Dogs at Laughing Dog Day Care Separated by size?

Yes, the dogs attending Laughing Dog Day Care are separated by size. We also consider temperament and age when allocating a dog to a play area. We have a Puppy Only play area as well as the Sun Lounge where dogs who feel the need for a bit more of a restful time can hang out!

What is the staff to dog ratio at Laughing Dog Day Care?

We have a maximum staff to dog ratio of 1 human to 15 dogs.

What happens if my dog is hurt or becomes ill whilst attending Laughing Dog Day Care?

Staff are trained in animal first aid, so all minor injuries or illnesses can be addressed by our staff members. If there should be an urgent need to see a Vet, we will transport the dog immediately to our local Veterinary Clinic (where our own dogs attend) which is approximately a 5 minute drive. Owners will be contacted immediately if this should be the case.

Are there any breeds not accepted at Laughing Dog Day Care?

We are unable to accept enrolments at Laughing Dog Day Care for the following breeds:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Fila Braziliero (Brazilian Mastiff)
  • Japanese Tosa (Japanese Mastiff)
  • Dogo Argentina (Argentinean Mastiff)
  • Presa Canario.

All other breeds are assessed on the basis of each individual dog and may be permitted to attend should they be deemed suitable.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

YES! All dogs attending Laughing Dog Day Care must have up-to-date C5 vaccinations (administered within the last 12 months and not less than 1 week prior to first visit). Owners must submit proof of C5 vaccinations from their Vet. Alternative vaccination methods are not accepted. Puppies must have at least their first vaccination before entering day care and must have their booster and final puppy vaccinations by 16 weeks.

  • 6-8 Weeks – First Vaccination,
  • 10-12 Weeks – Booster Vaccine
  • 14-16 Weeks – Final Vaccine

Does my dog need to be desexed?

Yes – All dogs 6 months or older must be spayed or neutered (desexed) – limited exceptions may be made with prior approval (conditions apply).

Can we visit the facilities at Laughing Dog Day Care?

Yes, we encourage you to come and visit and meet with us before you bring your dog in for day care to ensure you are happy and comfortable leaving your furry family member in our care. You will not be able to enter the day care area, as our primary concern is the health and safety of the dogs in our care. Having strangers in the play area can be disruptive to the dogs attending day care, so we do limit access to these areas. However, you will be able to view the dog’s play areas on TV screens located in reception.

Can I get updates of how my dog is going whilst attending Laughing Dog Day Care?

Yes, we regularly send photo updates throughout the day and are happy to give you a quick call or e-mail during the day to update you how they are doing. We will also communicate this with you when you come to pick them up.

Will you feed my dog during their stay?

Your dog will be fed small amounts of healthy dog treats whilst attending Laughing Dog Day Care, but we do not provide main meals for the dogs.

Will my dog go outside whilst attending Laughing Dog Day Care?

At this stage all activities at Laughing Dog Day Care are indoors in our secure facility – we look forward to provide a secure outdoor area in the near future.

How will attending Day Care affect my dog’s toilet training?

Attending Day Care does not affect your dog’s toilet training. Dogs are very smart and know there is a difference between their home environment and day care so their toileting habits at home will not change.

From what age can my dog attend Laughing Dog Day Care?

Your dog can attend from 8 weeks of age as long as they have had their first vaccinations. We do however recommend and encourage owners to have their puppies at home for 2 weeks to settle in to their new surrounds prior to attending day care. This is also recommended for newly adopted Adult dogs, who have just found their furever homes.

What should we bring for our dog whilst attending Laughing Dog Day Care?

Please bring your dog wearing their collar, ID tag and council registration disc. They will also need their lead. We expect that all dogs should be walked to and from Day Care on a lead, to ensure their safety and for the comfort of our other customers. Please do not bring toys, bedding or any other items that may induce possessive behaviours in your dog.

Do we need to make a booking at Laughing Dog Day Care?

Yes, please make a booking as spaces are limited and we strictly adhere to our staff to dog ratio, so you may be disappointed if you turn up without a booking.