Terms & Conditions


The purpose of Laughing Dog Day Care is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating social environment for dogs during weekday business hours.

To ensure the safety and health of your pet and our other guests, we require all guests to comply with the following terms and conditions:

AGE: All dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age or older.

SEX: All dogs 6 months or older must be spayed or neutered (desexed) – limited exceptions may be made with prior approval (conditions apply).

APPLICATION: All dogs must have a complete, up-to-date and approved application on file.

FEES: A Fee schedule is enclosed. Fees are based on a Casual Rate, Multi-Visit Pass or Flexi-Pass, we can advise on what would be most suitable for your circumstances. Fees are payable in advance or on the day of service.

BOOKINGS: Recommended – we can only guarantee a place for your dog if you book in advance. Please make bookings over the phone, by e-mail or in person.

LATENESS: We reserve the right to give away your booking if you have not arrived within 30 minutes of your booking time and have not notified us of your delayed arrival.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and no-shows may be charged full fees.

VACCINATIONS: All dogs must have up-to-date C5 vaccinations (administered within the last 12 months and not less than 1 week prior to first visit). Owners must submit proof of C5 vaccinations from their Vet. Alternative vaccination methods are not accepted. Puppies must have at least their first vaccination before entering day care and must have their booster and final puppy vaccinations by 16 weeks.

* 6-8 Weeks – First Vaccination,

* 10-12 Weeks – Booster Vaccine

* 14-16 Weeks – Final Vaccine

HEALTH: All dogs must be in good heath. Owners will certify their dog(s) are in good health and have not been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days. Upon admission, all dogs must be free from any condition which could potentially jeopardize other guests. Dogs that have been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days will require veterinarian certification of health to be admitted or readmitted.

BEHAVIOUR: All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. Owners will certify their dogs have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any person or any other dog(s). Please remember: your pet will be spending time with other pets and the safety and health of all animals is our main concern.

BREEDS: We are unable to accept enrolments at Laughing Dog Day Care for the following breeds:

* American Pit Bull Terrier

* Fila Braziliero (Brazilian Mastiff)

* Japanese Tosa (Japanese Mastiff)

* Dogo Argentina (Argentinean Mastiff)

* Presa Canario.

All other breeds may be accepted At Laughing Dog Day Care and owners must accept that their dog may be in the same pen with a variety of breeds.

LIABILITY: Any person bringing a dog onto our premises or leaving a dog in our care accepts that the Registered Owner of the dog assumes complete and total liability for any harm or damages that occur to other dogs, people or property resulting from aggressive, dangerous and unacceptable behaviour including but not limited to biting, scratching and clawing.

DAYS AND HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. A late pick up fee of $10 per each 15 minutes or part thereof, will be charged to owners if their dog is not picked up prior to 6:30pm.

WHAT TO BRING: All dogs must wear a collar with ID and council registration tags. Despite our quiet backstreet location, it is required that you walk your dog to and from Laughing Dog Day Care on a lead. We have individually labelled storage compartments for each dog in our care, where their belongings will be stored for their stay. Please do not bring toys, bedding or any other items that may induce possessive behaviours in your dog.

MEDICATION: Should your dog require us to administer medication please ensure the medication is provided and clearly labelled as follows:


* Dogs Name

* Medication Name

* Dosage

* Frequency

* Instructions on administering

Please only provide enough medication for the period of your dog’s stay.

FOOD/WATER: Your dog will receive small amounts of healthy dog treats during their time at Laughing Dog Day Care. We do not provide a main meal to your dog during their stay due to the nature of their play and activity. Please advise staff if your dog requires a main meal during their stay. Clean fresh water is readily available and accessible to the dogs at all times.

ALTERATION TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS: These terms and conditions may be altered or amended at any time by Laughing Dog Day Care and you agree to accept such changes as and when they are made.