Keeping it local

We met with local pet food company Bucket O’ Beef today to find out what they are doing to produce great foods and treats for our beloved dogs.

They are passionate about providing healthy foods that provide for all the dietary and health requirements of dogs.  I was very interested to hear the Nutritionists view that dogs also enjoy the different textures of food – and makes the eating process more enjoyable when they have different sensations throughout their meal.  The products they are  producing are top quality made primarily (97-98%) with locally produced ingredients and the meat used is human grade.

Bucket O’ Beef, have just launched a new product “Ancestral Mix Kangaroo Recipe”.  The food is air dried and is significantly less processed than your traditional dry food.  There are no artificial preservatives, fillers, grains, gluten, salt or sugar.  Personally we haven’t fed our dogs dry food, due to the highly processed nature of traditional dry food, but this is something different!  It has all the convenience of traditional dry food – which we can totally appreciate people needing – but it is low processed – so we don’t need to be concerned about the food loosing it’s true nature.  I’m impressed to look at the food and you can really see the pumpkin and green beans – so we’re looking forward to giving it a try on Duncan and Lily.


Our dogs’ normal diet, includes a combination of raw food, like chicken wings and chicken necks and ideally we like to make them a home cooked meat and vegetable meal made especially for them.  Like most people though time isn’t always on our side, so we have been confident in replacing our dogs home cooked meal with Gourmet Rolls from Bucket O’ Beef – their favourite is the Classic Beef Dinner.  Duncan is a fussy eater and will only eat what he enjoys and he’s not at all food motivated – so we know the food is good if he eats it!  Our Hungarian Vizsla’s now are a stark contrast to our Siberian Huskies.  You could feed our Huskies anything – nothing could upset their cast iron stomachs, but our Vizsla’s have sensitive tummies and need their food to be high quality to keep them happy and healthy.

Bucket O’ Beef are out there talking to vets, breeders and animal care societies (such as RSPCA, GAP – Greyhound Adoption Program) and listening to what they think great dog food should be and along with the pet food nutritionist they are aiming to produce the best possible foods for our dogs.

Laughing Dog Day Care is really keen to support local business, so we are excited to find a South Australian dog food business producing great quality food and treats and is socially minded supporting animal charities ensuring the well being of dogs in our state.  We are thrilled to advise that in order to guarantee quality for your furry family members, the dog food we supply in our store and the treats we use whilst dogs are in our care will be exclusively from Bucket O’ Beef.



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