Bucket O’ Beef

Bucket O’ Beef is a South Australian Pet Food company which produces top quality, locally sourced and produced dog food.  In recent years, Bucket O’ Beef has employed a pet nutritionist from France which has ensured all of their pet food is scientifically designed to ensure the health of your pets.

We use Bucket O’Beef treats exclusively in our day care facility.

We are currently stocking the following items:

Product Name Size Price
Dried Chicken Breast 70g  $9.00
Dried Liver 100g  $9.00
Beef Dinner Strips 120g  $9.00
Roo Jerky 100g  $9.00
Ancestral Mix/Beef Dinner Strips Combo Pack 100g $9.00
Ancestral Mix 1.2kg  $29.90
Ancestral Mix 2.5kg  $49.00
Beef Dinner Strips & Ancestral Mix


More information and images to follow.